Kathy is a Certified Redesign Specialist who desires helping you achieve a new look or preparing a home for sale.  She is a Professional Member of the Association of Design Education (ADE) and of the Interior Redesign Staging Association (IRSA).  She earned her Interior Redesign Certification in Reston, Virginia in February 2016.  Kathy is semi-retired after 34 years with a Telecommunications Company and is fulfilling her dream career in Interior Redesign and Home Staging.  Do you have a room you would like to change?

Wright House Design & Staging

Kathy Wright, owner of Wright House Design & Staging, has a passion for organized, functional living spaces.  She uses her creativity to showcase the home’s best features.   Kathy offers a budget friendly alternative to a total room make over.  She offers honest, personal service with minor disruptions to your family.  Kathy is easy to talk to and you can feel comfortable conveying what you desire to change a room.  Using that passion and desire, Kathy launched Wright House Design & Staging in March 2016.

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